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  1. I started bowling late at 18 years old.
    I was immediately hooked.

    First high performance ball I bought was the Roto Grip Cell, online with some good research.

    I had never heard of Roto Grip, and all my friends that bowled did not throw Storm.

    About a decade later…
    Every single one of my friends have Storm or Roto Grip in their arsenal, and it’s always their first ball out onto the lanes.

    Without a doubt, I know made the right choice, and have never looked back.

    Thanks for the last 30 years Storm!
    And to another 100!

  2. Storm: The Story Behind 30 Years of Pursuing Excellence #stormnation Β  #thirtyyears Β  #pursuingexcellence Β 

  3. My first was a Tropical Heat (Purple and Black).Β  It changed my like for bowling into love.Β  I now have about a dozen different Storm bowling balls with a couple more in mind.

  4. Storm- Thank you for creating the best equipment out on the market. All of your combined efforts made what the company is today, and I’ll always be grateful for every moment. The very first Storm ball I ever laid my hands on was the old Barbed Wire. It wasn’t until then that I literally fell in love with, not just your equipment, but bowling itself.

    I currently use Storm and do my very best to promote it in the most positive ways possible; just as I do to help preserve our awesome sport! In closing, I want to give you a huge thanks for what you’ve done for the bowling population since the beginning and wish you many more years of smiles and success!

    another proud member/face of the #stormnation family

  5. Storm, I’ve been bowling with you guy’s name, products, and it has raised my name, and pots in tournament, and leagues winning. My arsenal in all my bags, it’s always Storm. Congratulations on 30 years of making the best balls ever thrown, and I thank you for sharing your gift to me, and the world.

  6. These products literally got me interested in the sport almost 4 years ago. I now own over 70 Storm and Rotogrip balls and recently joined the PBA. Thank you Storm.

  7. I met bill last month at thunderbowl lanes ( the night of Jason Belmonte winning his 11th title ) and I thanked him for the amazing products they released. He shook my hand and told me thank you for the compliment. He is an very awesome guy!

  8. I love storm,it’s is the best company in the world all I use is storm or roto grip,my uncle is sponsored by roto grip.keep it up!!

  9. I remember bowling in college, Idaho State University, in the early 90s. We would attend tournaments in the Salt Lake / Provo Area and I remember the first time a saw a HSP / Storm ball. There were a few bowlers from Weber State University that had HSP/Storm balls. I thought it was a second hand ball. Back then it was Brunswick, Hammer and Ebonite those were the majority of manufacturers. I’ll never forget when the Excalibur came out, mid 90s but Storm was still unknown. I even bowled a couple regional pro tournaments in the mid to late 90s but Brunswick was still my choice
    Forward to early 2000s I was still a Brunswick person and around 2007 I gave up bowling due to being diagnosed with an ultra rare disease that affects my joints. The time between 2007 and 2018 I didn’t bowl but both my daughters got into bowling and I witnessed Storm overtake the “big boys”. Due to both of them bowling I decided to try bowling again in 2018 and I’m so glad to be back.
    Since then Storm has been my only ball I’ve used and on May 4th 2020, first league night, first game, after covid restrictions were lifted in my town I bowled my 6th 300 with a Phaze III. I had this ball drilled out right before covid let to everything being shut down and only threw this ball about 6-7 frames. I believe in America and American Entrepreneurs, thanks to Storm and my daughters forngiving me the desire to get back to the sport I truly enjoy and love.

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