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  1. ty for uploading this i’ve been looking for it πŸ˜€ ty 20060101 πŸ˜€ happy bowling

    1. Learn Ten Pin Bowling, it’s a mans game. Science and Math of Ten Pin Bowling is a lot harder than staying sharp on Candlepins and Duckpins

    1. I don’t understand what ones body weight or age has to do with ball weight. What if the ball is just to heavy?

    2. Neil it’s a general rule of thumb a good starting point but what’s comfortable is always king

  2. I am one of the supervisors of the core room at Storm products here in Brigham City Utah. We make around 2,000-2,100 balls a day.

  3. I very keen learn English. I learn it from watching cinema movie about balls. We do not have these balls where I come from. Thank you for reading this.

  4. storm, hammer, wolverine… not sure which comic book character it was named after but i picked one up at the salvation army for 5 bucks. I cut it in half with a hand saw and made a nice engraving base with it. I was sure it was polyester inside as i used to use polyester resin and it smelled like it.

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