Pawn Stars: A Seller Hopes for a Spare on His 1800s Bowling Ball (Season 9) | History

A man brings in an antique wooden bowling ball from the 1800s in this clip from Season 9's episode, "Rick, Rock, and Roll". #PawnStars #RickHarrison
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Learn more:

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52 Comments on “Pawn Stars: A Seller Hopes for a Spare on His 1800s Bowling Ball (Season 9) | History”

  1. “He bro, you look cool. You wanna be on the show selling this old bowling ball to Rick? We’ll give you $200”

    1. I dont think they are actors, but I think before hand they ask them if its ok to film them and get them to sign waivers then ask them not to stare at the camera, which is why it seems so staged

  2. Customer: I want 600
    Rick: the best I can do is 70 I gotta frame it.
    Customer: It’s already framed
    Rick: starts sweating

    1. This happened before. People bring in stuff that’s already framed and Rick just stutters and lowballs them without an explanation. Watch “Personal Check signed by James Madison.”

  3. Rick: Can I have a hamburger
    Employee: That’ll be $5
    Rick: Best I can do is $1
    Employee: It’s $5
    Rick: Let me call a buddy of mine that’s an expert in burgers

    1. And now, his net worth is $80 more than yours…. If it wasn’t why would you have even made that comment? Certainly wasn’t because you can’t identify with him…..

    2. @No Thankyou Actually 1k$ more cuz that’s how much he gets paid to appear on the show and do the little sketch.

  4. “I brought it in because I think I hit the jackpot.” Rick: how much do you want? Customer: $200 (major jackpot! lol)

    1. It’s editing. It’s done for suspense. Tons of shows edit in pauses like that. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

  5. I wonder if Fred Flinstone used that ball?

    Edit: Never mind, it’s not made of stone, it’s made of wood.

  6. Seller: it’s rare, it’s got two holes, dates back to the 1800s

    Rick: It actually is common, these were made specifically for one person, and I have to drill a third hole… $50

    1. Yeah it was so over exaggerated makes me think he would have went $100 easy dude started at $200 Rick said $75 he should have returned with $150 and I believe Rick would have went to $100

  7. It’s got two holes… So a hundred a hole…lol…😂 Love this guys logic…👍💕🔥💯😭

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