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  1. I grew up in Milwaukee and had the privilege to bowl here one time. It is an experience. My bowling friend and I hunted through Milwaukee for a open center one holiday and this was the only place we could find. Had a crazy fun time! Glad to see it is still open.

  2. Shahola PA.  don’t remember the name of the place , but we bowled in a campground “tournament “. The owners of the campground had to reserve the lanes 2 weeks in advance. —– To give the house time to find pin boys.    

    1. +Michael Aumick AKA, time to find idiots that don’t know the inherent pain dealt to pin boys when pins go flying into them?

  3. id like to bowl in a old school house like this, like maybe in the late 60s early 70s house. idk I like the vintage look. I wish all houses of today still sent ur ball back where u could see it

  4. OMG! I want to go here and try bowling on these lanes some day! It would be an epic experience to have!

  5. Absolutely the coolest thing i’ve ever seen in bowling. There was a very old place in the town I grew up in that had 8 lanes and pin boys and it was the first bowling alley I learned in with my dad but it went out of business when a big bowling alley opened a half mile away. I hardly remember it cause I was only 7 yrs old.. back in 74

  6. I’d like to see a small PBA event there, just to see how modern bowlers, with modern equipment would do on these lanes.

    1. Indeed. I say the same thing about pro cycling, see what the best can do with turn of century bikes, etc. Some earlier routes at the Tour De France were over 250 miles…

    2. @Drummachine hell yeah they would be at a huge disadvantage. Strong equipment, high Rev rate and wood lanes? Omg

    3. During covid-19, one of my #BowlatHome activities was setting a tour schedule for all three of the major bowling circuits (PBA, PBA50, PWBA), and simulating them with the final stop of the season for each circuit being the Choice Hotels Classic (like what the PBA used to have in the 90s and the senior challenge). What I hoped to make it was the major champions in each circuit duking it out within their own circuits, and the ultimate champs would go into a 3-bowler winner take all challenge in the “Holler House.” The more interesting hypothetical scenario would be to Belmo on these…he likes throwing over the gutter cup which you really can’t do here.

    4. Yeah. A live “skins” game with a handful of pros. Can’t have a crowd there but you can make up for that by the bowlers razzing each other.

  7. I was in Milwaukee last year for work and stopped by Holler House. Really interesting place. Bought a t-shirt to remember the place.

  8. I set pins in a 4 lane house up on stilts back around 1946 using spikes, no racks, this brings back memories.

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