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  1. Good info. Also worth mentioning that not all bowling centers have range finders on the lane. Many don’t.

  2. Since this seems aimed at beginners, I would have included a little bit about oil, the fact that there’s oil up front and dry backends…you had 30 more seconds to stay under 5 minutes. Otherwise a good vid.

  3. Ha! I didn’t expect to learn about basketball and football… I honestly had no clue about those two items. That being said, it’s worth mentioning that the down-lane markings are only found on newer Anvillane and some wood lanes that have had them added when refinished. Either way, this was very well done.

  4. It’s too bad the video stopped there. People should also know, and have been shown, the distance between the pins is 12 inches. The pins look a lot closer from 60 feet away.

    1. Also the approach and the importance of staying behind the foul line and consequences if you don’t, ouch!

    1. I was posed this question wondering if there is a true answer. Why are the dots just not on the same boards as the arrows and the dots on the approach. Was there a design intent?

  5. Next how about the pin deck. Pin spacing, on which boards are the pins centered, how deep is the pin deck, anything else about the pin deck.

  6. How to use shadows of pin 3,6 and 10 to have an idea of break point. Please do include it in your tip videos

  7. Nice video! Also should be noted, as stated above, that not all bowling lanes have range finders (down lane). Also, except for wood lanes, the number of boards across is 39. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Thanks for all y’all do! Truly appreciated!

  8. Could you hit the location of the dots on the approach? For the longest time I mistakenly thought they corresponded with the arrows. This caused many alignment issues on the approach.

    1. You can target whatever you like. Moving your eyes farther down the lane is standard these days and the dots are a little close. You could hit your dot target and still miss your break point. Same can be said for arrows but they are closer to the break point. Hope this helps!

  9. Mr O’Keefe, i counted 39 boards, each board is 1 inch, total 39 inches. you said 41 inches is the width. where is 2 inches coming from? is it the space between boards?

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