How a Bowling Alley Works

Here is an animation I did that shows how a bowling alley works. This particular design is taken mostly from Brunswick's pinsetter. The ball return is taken from AMF's Gripper ball lift. Please note that I wasn't going for an exact representation of a particular type of bowling alley. This was just to demonstrate the basic understanding of how it all works. I created the geometry in 3ds max and the animation was done in Cinema 4D. I then used After Effects to compile everything and to add sound effects etc.

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    1. I found that funny because the alley I go to, it doesn’t matter which lane I’m on, it always fails at least once while I’m there

  1. This was really cool. Striking even. It bowled me over. Had me on pins. I could go on but I’ll spare you and split.

  2. When I was in High School (and as a part time job in my early days in the Air Force) I worked as a pin chaser / machine mechanic at a a couple of differemt bowling alleys. I also had the fun of cleaning the machines at the end of the night. It was actually a pretty fun job.

    1. Kazky

  3. こんなに沢山の機械が稼働してたら壊れちゃいそうですね

  4. ꧁͜͡༼ぽっぷこーん塩味༽ ꧂ ꫞ says:


    1. @らら 一から作ってる猛者が湧いてて草

    2. 10年前の技術ってそんなに今と大差ないんじゃね?

  5. 登録者増やしたいコメントだけで says:


  6. ボールの行方がどうなるのか無言で説明するのかと思ったらかなり専門的に説明してくれてて草

    1. 俺英語出来ますよみたいしれっと自慢してて草

  7. I had no idea the old crusty guy who went in the back to fix your frozen lane was just restarting windows xp

  8. Knowing what’s happening behind the scenes, it would be pretty terrifying to get dragged in by a bowling ball.

    1. I saw a video where that happened to a guy. He was fine. Well he was drunk, but I wouldn’t count that since it was a pre-existing condition.

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