History of Bowling Balls | Wood, Rubber, & Plastic

Inside Bowling presents the History of Bowling Balls with the Orf's from Ray Orf's Bowling & Trophy Shop in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rich Orf and Steve Orf share their bowling ball collection with you and share their opinions of the most meaningful bowling balls in the history of bowling.

This is part 1 of a 3 part series. Enjoy!

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24 Comments on “History of Bowling Balls | Wood, Rubber, & Plastic”

  1. Nice video guys. Your dad was one helluva bowler to roll 890 with plastic…splitting boards! Anxious to see your next video. I have a very small collection that includes a Marion Ladewig Brunswick (I’m sure you know her legacy), and a Nu-Line Xcalibur.

  2. Great video and glad I stuck around to watch the footage of Ray Orf. I sold my yellow dot almost 30 years ago for $10. The idea of collecting wasn’t even a thought. Threw an old Manhatten Rubber as a kid. Back then, whenever I outgrew balls, I’d just donate them to the general houseball inventory wherever I was bowling at the time.

  3. Very nice. I have owned most of those balls at one time or another. Loved the Tru Trac and Mark X! Yellow dots a plenty too.

  4. Back in the early 80’s, I had an Earl Anthony “Radar” ball. What a great ball. Carried a 200 avg. wish I had that one back.

  5. That was really enjoyable. Thank you. I remember so many of those balls and threw a few of them. The ending was so cool. Can’t wait for the rest.

  6. Wow! This is the best video I’ve ever seen on the history of balls during that era! Thank you.
    Sorry to hear of the passing of your dad.

  7. 35 in a row! I doubt it was because of the ball. That takes a lot of skill. Congratulations to your family on that record!

  8. Grew up too with a bowling father. He bowled 6 leagues a week most of my youth…there really isn’t anything that matches the bond between a father and son reached through bowling together. Great job guys

  9. I never thought LT-48 is a rubber ball, cause my dad had one for over 30 years and I’m using it as a spare ball right now. It’s with Johnny Petraglia’s name on it with yellow words.

  10. My first ball, about 50 years ago when I was probably 9 years old, was a SIX-pound Black Beauty. I remember once making the 5-10 with that ball, by hitting the 5 on the wrong side, and the ball bounced into the 10!

  11. Don’t forget about the Gem Tek line of balls, they might pre-date the Fabs as the first 2 piece balls or balls with non-pancake blocks

  12. Wow…that was a walk down memory lane. Bowled my first 300 in 1980 with a yellow dot, and continued to bowl with my red dot all the way into the late 2000’s even with all the core and coverstock innovation. White dot, yellow dot, red dot, and the rotogrip were my arsenal back in the day.

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