History of Bowling Balls | Urethane Era

Inside Bowling presents the History of Bowling Balls with the Orf's from Ray Orf's Bowling & Trophy Shop in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rich Orf and Steve Orf share their bowling ball collection with you and share their opinions of the most meaningful bowling balls in the history of bowling.

This episode features Urethane bowling balls.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series. Enjoy!

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31 Comments on “History of Bowling Balls | Urethane Era”

  1. Great video… love that Pink Hammer.. grew up in a house that was a very light oil house… favorite ball of all time!!

  2. I loved my blue and red pearl hammers,black and wine u-dots and my sumo.the sumo was probably the hardest hitting ball i ever seen or should i say ever heard

    1. The Phantoms were the first balls I ever saw that flared. To lay them out properly you needed the Phantom Commander accessory that attached to a quarter ball scale

  3. I have four Faball Hammers, all 5 of the original Angles (plus an extra gold Angle for good measure), a wine U-Dot, and an original Thunderbolt. All are 15 pounders and I throw them all regularly. Even today they work well on a THS and the darn things will last forever!

    1. As Steve would say… it was “dominant” on tour for a couple years. Ferraro, Benoit, Ozio just to name a few.

  4. Man loving this series! Urethane now that was my hay day. Big fan of the right out of the box shiny Columbia U dot. Then after a couple of years or so I got the Columbia Vector 2. You’re bringing up so many fond memories. Thanks!

  5. Man talk about bringing back memories. I had 2 of them Rhinos. The black and purple ones. In fact, the purple one was my first finger tip and inserted ball I ever threw. Threw it in the Saturday morning junior league, middle age group, 13 if I remember correctly.

  6. I had a blue hammer ball from 1989 made in Baltimore. I had it up until October of this year. I gave it to a 2 handed high school bowler because he was using random house balls with little success. He has done much better with the hammer.

  7. I no longer bowl, but this was a nice trip down memory lane. I was always partial to AMF, the gold Angle, Nighthawk and Menace. I do remember the brown Edge II by Brunswick…that ball rolled out early though and lacked drive. Thanks for the video!

  8. Wow, amazing series on the history of balls!
    But I would like to see a new segment where you compare urethane balls of the past with the new breed of urethane balls today.
    What is the difference in performance characteristics?
    How does the Purple Hammer of today compare to the Purple Hammer of the past?
    How does the Black Hammer of today compare to the Black Hammer of the past?
    Also, you mentioned the Wonder’s from Faball/Visionary bowling.
    They made the most unique urethane ball ever, the Midnight Scorcher Particle Urethane ball.
    The heaviest hooking ball probably ever made, or ever will be made.
    Will easily out hook any resin ball today.
    Very rare and a must for any collector.
    I am lucky to have one.
    Keep up the great videos.

  9. I found a Columbia 300 blue knight at a second hand store and it hits hard. I love using this ball

  10. The U2 was Columbia’s first two piece ball that came out after the AMF Cobra. Favorite ball to look at back then was a red pearl Hammer or a pearl U2.

  11. My first fingertip ball was the Black Angle … and one of my favorite balls of all time was the Blue Nitro. (I still have one in my arsenal)

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