Bowling Rules And Etiquette | What Not To Do On The Lanes!

Bowling has a set of rules, both written and unwritten, that help you bowl in a safe and effecient manner. Here we highlight a few of these rules, and have a little fun with it! Hope you enjoy this one. Big shoutout to everyone who participated in the making of this… we had a blast!

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Thanks for watching, and see you on the lanes!

32 Comments on “Bowling Rules And Etiquette | What Not To Do On The Lanes!”

    1. The worst behaviour by far is when you congratulate a player for an well executed powerful shot and he smashes your palm.

    2. When someone takes your nice bowling ball places it on the floor and proceeds to kick it. When you are on the approach and someone messes with you by touching your ball or by tripping you while walking. Not sure if these are rules but it is some of the things that happen to me whenever I’m at League

    1. Yes Venus and Al should Know better. We will give him a pass on that one as it is part of what we don’t do.

  1. After one has completed their first shot of a frame, GET OFF the approach. Don’t stand at the foul line waving your arms, doing little girl routines or staring at the pins as if that will make additional pins fall. Do not stand at the side of the ball return, go to the back of the ball return and wait for your ball to come back and take your second shot of that frame. When your name comes up, stop yakking, get up and be ready to bowl. I can’t believe how many proprietors of bowling centers put up with nonsense that causes a three game series to go on for four hours.

  2. If you use a spare ball please pick it up after your fill shot. Don’t leave 2 balls on the rack it gets too full with a bunch of people doing this.

  3. Great video ! Another one is : to not touch other bowler’s equipment without asking. Also…I don’t recall perfectly, but i think the lane courtesy “to the right of you” only applies if both bowlers step on the approach at the same time. Otherwise you give priority to whoever is on the approach first. Someone who remembers the rule will correct me.

  4. This is a great topic . All Bolwing centers should prom eminently post the etiquette rules have bowlers sign an acknowledgment of rules etiquette. Most bowlers even the new ones would like to be respectful and knowing the rules is the first step. Let’s get a petition to have bowling centers post their rules and hand out the rules to bowlers

    1. Now, this is incredibly bad form and so is hitting the consoles. Bowling center proprietors should NEVER tolerate this and individuals who behave in this manner should be asked to leave and be all out banned if they return and do it again.

  5. I have an etiquette beef – be here when it is your turn to bowl. Five person classic leagues are slow enough already so it doesn’t help if we have to go searching for you. Selling football squares or shooting the breeze is not a justification. Do you think upsetting your team members is going to help win the match?

    This is my former etiquette beef – If you expect me to hand score for you and your team, don’t put your lit cigarette inches from my face!

  6. My pet peeves is when my back is turned towards a bowler on the right, they will stand on the approach and wait for me to acknowledge them. I told someone just recently if my back is turned towards you don’t wait for me to go first, just go and throw your first ball!

  7. Etiquette is something that is missing in general with all things…but my biggest pet peeve in bowling is when other bowlers clearly see you set, begin your approach, then they walk right up next to you throwing you off. I get VERY distracted in my peripheral at least 2 lanes over on either side. Or when someone starts talking to you as you’re on your approach. People letting their kids play around in the lane next to you…tracking dirt and liquids onto the approach area… I’ve had a lot of bowlers drag conditioner/oil back into the approach so i almost fall as i release and this happens a lot more than it should.

    Yes you’re there to have fun..but theres a specific level of competition in you that wants things to remain professional/courtesy… things that are the same with any other sport or activity you do.

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