Bowling by the Dots

How to use the Approach Dots and Targeting Arrows on the Lane.
This tutorial is intended for the novice to learn where to place their feet, what to look at (the targeting arrows and approach dots), and to learn to be consistent.

24 Comments on “Bowling by the Dots”

  1. need to archive this one until i can remember which pin to aim for to pick up my splits. This is a good video for the novice as well as a reminder video for those of us still learning 2 years in. Yes oil and balls change things some but everyone needs basic foundational rules

  2. Thanks broseph that’s exactly the kind of simple and effective instruction we were looking for.

  3. Thank you very much for the trainings. My scores have been increasing after viewing it before and after my play. Every member of my leagues were amazed with my progress increasing my average from 93 to 135 since a month ago.

  4. Super great explanation I never heard of such an in depth explanation where to stand and where to aim. I’ve always bowled by the arrows but not like this! Thanks

  5. Great video on arrow positioning. I have been bowling about 6 months in a league and never could understand why had to bowl on the second arrow as suggested by my team. Now I understand . Thank you very much for sharing the knowledge.

    1. I am so glad you were able to use this information to improve your game. Bowling is a wonderful sport, especially because it is something that you can do with friends and family. Good Luck, and Good Bowling.

  6. this is new to me cause i’ve always bowled at the pins but i’m going to try and learn it. i bowl left handed so have to turn it all around. thnx, steve

  7. one of the best videos i’ve seen on here , I try to tell people this method ever since u posted this video .. and no one listens , so i have to watch people miss easy spares and i just shake my head . cant fix stupid lol

  8. is there a left hand version of this model. I think know what to change but just want to be sure.

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